This post is LONG overdue! 🙂

HQD celebrated her 10th birthday on April 1st, 2014!!! YUP! 10th!!! Another one of our M&M’s(Miracle Mastiffs)! 🙂 The Dogo that could not walk one week prior to coming to BHRR, not only walks, yet does her wobbly bobbly trot(in honour of BHRR’s Emma, I just KNOW it!) yet, is still alive LONG after any Vet or Specialist thought she would be. AND, for all in attendance at our most recent BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House, they saw firsthand how THRIVING this dog is doing!

LOVE her…gosh, she tests and trials me and we keep going back and forth between whose ‘boot camp’ is reigning supreme(AND, yes, I know whose side all of you are on! LOL) and, I love her….love love love her!

AND, she remains a very special dog to those at BHRR. She has been watching over BHRR’s Porridge…dragging her own bed over to him and only putting her head down to sleep when, he is finally able to do so. I think he almost feels she is smothering him for the number of times, he gets up and walks away and, then she is right back there, bed in tow(AND, god forbid I go to move it for her! Her looks would burn me to dust! LOL), and laying back down and watching him. I have to admit, it would make me a bit disconcerted also, having someone so close to me, watching and and watching and barely blinking until I went to sleep! Yet, it is HQD, that best nurse, therapist, doctor, EVER to the rescue again!

She is also proving her usual fabu inspirational self when it comes to BHRR’s Leroy, the newest addition to BHRR – the emaciated fawn GD. She will almost ‘herd’ him to the water bowl as, if telling him to drink. AND, no, I am not humanizing her. She is human ALL on her own. AND, when it comes to eating, she will eat her food and then, go over to his crate and let me tell you, if she could tap her foot, she would and if, she could cross her front legs as if they were arms, she would, for, until he is done eating – AND, he does not eat fast and not much at any given time as I am feeding him small meals up to 8 times a day, yet, also tends to pick – she does not leave. Yet, each time, he eats, she sits there and gives the look to all that cross her path to ‘back off’ and, making sure he eats. Welcome to BHRR, Leroy! You have been accepted and, are now part of Salma’s ‘mama’ ‘doctor’ ‘therapist’ ‘nurse’ heart/soul! 🙂

I am going to have to see about getting more special blankets for her as, she has her current ones in special spots(in her mind!) and if I move one from one place, she gives me that special ‘oh gwennie, you sure are a mere human’ look of pity and that big sigh that she works right up from the depths of her soul, and moves her blankets back to where she wants. AND, when she obtains a new fav spot to add to her list(getting longer!), I have to search for a ‘new’ special blanket for her. She has three right now and, so, for all of her fans, if you think of any special blankets out there, let me know! LOL I will be sure to snatch them up….she has particular taste that is all HQD!

Below is a photo from when I was away and, laying on a recliner chair in the almost fully and newly renovated sun room. Photo courtesy of S. Dowler.

BRRH 2014 March 053
BHRR’s Salma – Her Queenship Divine – March 13th, 2014