BHRR’s Reese weighed 43.56 pounds(19.8 KGs) yesterday. When she returned from her overnight play date, I weighed her at KAH.

She had a good visit. 🙂 The home said that she is a great dog. 🙂 She apparently slipped a few times and went down hard at the home and now is sporting a hygroma and, I will monitor it and drain(yes, not always the best option yet, we have had to do this more than once over the years and they have healed beautifully) and/or antibiotics if required. I will tensor it for now also.

Below is a photo from her night at this home and thank you for giving her this really wonderful experience. Thank you also to the home for sending it to me.

I am open to her going back for another visit, a couple of days this time and will discuss further with the home what their preference is. As always, no rush on our part nor on the home’s part and, if this is meant to be, great, if not, than that is fine also.

BHRR’s Reese – April 8th, 2014