BHRR’s Bishop and Mr. Mexico AKA BHRR’s Cancun had their annuals today!

Sir Bishop weighed a lovely almost 127 pounds!
Mr. Mexico weighed just under 135 pounds….looking good, yet, with the cooler weather, he is more active and has lost about 5-7, so, we had been upping his food doling and doing well!
Both received THUMBS up at their Vet exams AND, both are still patiently waiting for their right matched forever loving homes to find them!
BHRR’s Bishop even had a mani/pedi from the lovelies at KAH today.
They hope that Santa will be good to them for being so awesome today at KAH and from what I have seen….their SS’s have spoiled them like the amazing dogs they are!!!
My Christmas wish for them is that Santa may help their forever loving homes find their way these two really incredible dogs!!!
Until then, they live like kings with us……….
AND Mr. Mexico was quite the ham with his vet today…from releasing his anal glands to rolling over and getting tons of belly rubs! His Vet marveled at how soft and great his coat looked – even minus some of his back and tail feathers from an encounter with a burr bush recently………