The BHRR Purse Puppies were seen by the Vet today.
BHRR’s Chanel(Coco) now weighs 5.2 kgs(11.44 pounds)
BHRR’s Coach now weighs 6.3 kgs(13.86 pounds)
She is still a wee bit on the thin side yet, doing well. She has confirmed bilateral immature cataracts, poor vision bilaterally.
He is on the ideal to just broaching…porkchop status. He has immature congenital cataracts bilaterally, vision poor in L eye
I felt comfortable giving him his DAPP yet, I am going to hold off on her for a wee bit longer.
HUGE HUGE HUGE hits with all the staff and, we will monitor their eyes as they mature/develop. If we need to do any eye removal or eyes removed, we shall…whatever they need. Somehow, the BHRR community and village comes together to assist those in desperate need….will keep the updates coming!