All of us at BHRR wish ALL of our friends, family plus extended family AND to all the r/q rescue folks we know out there, the very best this Holiday Season.

We hope that everyone as always, is surrounded by health, happiness and the warmth of loved ones this holiday season…..

For us, we find this a time of much reflection, and, giving plus sharing to/with others………

On Christmas Eve, BHRR was contacted re: a very urgent terrified puppy in imminent danger – at 12 weeks of age, she was beaten and her elbow/leg was broken by her O. For the next 12 weeks, she remained untreated for this terrible injury and though, her broken leg tried to heal on it’s own, it is infected and she is in incredible pain.

Amputation has been advised per one Vet recommendation at this time….the O. wanted her gone ASAP and, in mere hours of notification and some angels behind the scenes helping at a moment’s notice, this puppy is now safe.

Though, like most r/q groups out there, we are full and Vet/Food Bills continue to mount, it was clear that we were contacted for a reason and, we stepped up as it is Christmas and she, is now safe and we shall work on transport over the next few days to get her to BHRR.

As promised in a thread recently re: names, this girl shall be named ‘Angel’ – BHRR’s Angel Noelle in fact shall be her full name…..

Thank you to the special rescue angel that contacted me and thank you to the rescue angel that got her out on Christmas Eve so fast and, we shall post as we work further in getting her to BHRR. AND, thank you to the special rescue angel that stepped up to emergency temp foster one of our adoptables so, we had a spot here….to think, that all of this happened within a couple of short hours….that, is amazing!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

This wee one is going to need a strong village/community by her side and, I remain hopeful that people will shower her with all the love and care that she was denied up to this point….

I shall rest more easily knowing that at least one more dog is now safe………

Merry Christmas to ALL!!!

Photo sent my way of one of her angels….