I am going to post two more pictures on BHRR’s Ava Marie’s slideshow #16 & #17 from March 9th, 2010 and I am also going to post them below. One is a great comparison shot with PPSS and part of our own EM Guinness and another is a face shot for that was what I was taking tonight of some of the dogs. Those that have met my PPSS, know that he is not a small boy at around 150 pounds himself yet you can see that he looks so small next to BHRR’s Ava Marie and Guinness’s head does not look all that large anymore either. AND great success today for we have her lying on a dog bed yet even the dog bed looks tiny. Later this week, we are going to tackle her nails too. Thursday is what I have dubbed ‘conveyor nail trimming belt’ day at our home and we shall see how Ava Marie handles this experience.

BHRR’s Ava Marie – My GD PPSS & EM Guinness – March 9th, 2010