We only need $100 more to raise by Wednesday March 10th @ 5:00 PM EST. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! We are so close to being able to put down a ‘good’ faith deposit to have her cruciates fixed. Please consider supporting BHRR’s Ava’s Action Assistance Fundraiser. We are also hoping that our first ever Spring Fever Basket Raffle will bring in enough to pay for a good portion of her one surgery in addition to the deposit that we are looking to put down this Wednesday. As many know, I am not above begging or pleading to help out an animal in need and I truly am imploring the public to seriously please please please to consider donating, even $5.00 to help her. She is such a wonderful dog and I am also trying to pick up extra shifts myself at the Hospital to bring in more monies for her. Ava Marie is so kind, gentle and just positively one of the sweetest creatures ever and we want to give her nothing but the best that life can offer!!!!