As per my post in BHRR’s Mindy thread; I was taking some face shots and I am going to also add 2 to BHRR’s Dana’s slideshow #29 & #30 plus put one of them below. This girl continues to keep me on my toes and I not only respect her for that but LOVE her dearly! She is a high maintenance girl in so many ways yet her affectionate, passion for life and sheer brilliancy in how she continues to try and stay one step ahead of me is nothing less than to be admired!!!! She also is still waiting for her forever loving home and I remain firm that I would like to see her in a home with at least one other dog; preferably a male as she always worries when new females comes in as to whether or not they will be a partner in crime mischief maker or a diva queen that playing and being sheer outgoing seems to be a crime. 😀 Her coat is so black and shiny and she is so far removed from the poor 64 pound creature that came into BHRR so emaciated and full of anxieties plus stress.

BHRR’s Dana – March 9th, 2010 – Almost 2 years of age