I think tonight was HUGE for BHRR’s Albert FOR he would not let me go to the bathroom by myself, he was right in there with me and for anyone that owns a Dane, you know that this is ‘DANE 101’! 😀 He has followed me for the past day going into the same area that I have gone in the house or outside yet not too close yet he keeps me within his sight. He even will now turn his head if I stop petting him to just look towards me yet not directly to say ‘I like what you are doing yet am not sure how to ask for more’. The TV just sets Albert to running. It is so sad. I try to not talk to him too much yet just enough so that he feels ‘ok’ yet not overwhelmed. Night times are very special for Albert and I for when all the other dogs are tuckered out; he will just sit next to me as I sit quielty on the couch and I just lightly pet him. He still paces and paces at times and wants to get back into his crate yet today I did the ‘tough’ love and locked the crate closed so that he could not retreat in there and hide from the world. While I am quite content to work at baby steps and at his own pace, we have to start somewhere and that means getting Albert into the world of the ‘living’ and while I am not going to set him up for failure; I am going to work on those boundaries. The new ‘out’ I have given him is leaving my front door open, chilly I know, yet it gave Albert a place to go and come at will and that must be a first for him. Right now, he will come in and go near me and then go into the main area and then go to the open door, down the few steps and then back in and repeat over and over and over again; learning that he can come and go and while he cannot get into his crate at this moment; he has a place to ‘escape’ to be it into the main area or outside. He is not fond of the dark outside and he is going to need a coat yet I would not attempt in putting anything like that on him(one his balance and strength and two; his mental state) right now. He will have his crate back shortly and every day, I shall take it away from him twice right now for a period of time, building up his confidence that nothing is going to hurt him AND this is not going to happen overnight. 7 years is a long time to overcome and in that, patience, time, consistency, love, obedience are going to be my best allies in showing Albert that there is much pleasure and joy in this world and I am determined that he shall be given the best lives possible now that he is at BHRR. For those that have been asking, I see no reason at this time, at some point in the future NOT to put him up for adoption yet even if that does not happen, BHRR’s Albert is going to have a safe spot at BHRR for the rest of his days. I am quite protective of him and he is going to take me on such a journey and one that I am going to feel really blessed and lucky if he ever truly ‘lets’ me in to what you can see deep in his eyes. Survival has forced him to ‘shut down’ and may his new life at BHRR rehab him to the best that he can be and open him up to such joys that lie within his reach. I am really smitten with this dear sweet old man and I am sure he is going to teach me a bundle too. THE other great news for today is that he has not had one accident in the house NOR humped a dog and though new dogs have been introduced to his world; that will come.