BHRR’s Albert has been integrated with all the dogs except BHRR’s Storm naturally plus the two blue CH’s. He did think BHRR’s Porridge was a mighty ‘fine’ dog to want to try and mount yet Porridge was not too keen on that AND poor BHRR’s Albert was the recipient of both BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws plus Porridge wanting to play with him and their big ol’ paws almost knocked him right off his feet. All is going well. He is still not eating great yet day by day. Tomorrow, we are at the Vet and we will see what all of his tests results shall show. If he proves healthy, I would love to neuter him plus remove that skin tag soon. He was also very brave today and went right into the bedroom and up to the two bluez boyz, who I had put in crates and all was really good. I will try to take some new pictures of him shortly. THANKS to everyone that hads donated over the past week to THE OTTAWA DOG BLOGS BHRR FRIEND TO THE ANIMALS DRIVE and if anyone has gently used duvets/comforters that they would not mind passing along to BHRR’s Albert, it would be so appreciated. As mentioned in his previous blog, he is scared of the dog beds plus the Kuranda beds just terrify him right now and I have four nice big blankets in his crate at this time and some piles around the house yet we could use more if anyone would not mind donating some for BHRR’s Albert.