UPDATE: BHRR's Flint is doing ok…..he had a 24 hour recheck today and he is back tomorrow for another one and then at 72 hours to start.
They are a bit worried with how droopy one eye appears to be and that his colour is not yet 100% yet, the swelling in his neck and lower face has gone down a lot and though, still a bit more quiet than normal and that he is sticking to me quite closely, he is doing really well…..
He is playing some with Matrix and BHRR's Groves and, at the first sign, of any real excitement, he will run off to a crate and sit in it from the safety of it and watch and observe and when he is comfortable, he will come back out.
Not putting him in a glass bubble, yet, you do fight(even with my own 25+ years of education and experience) the instinct to pick him up and hold him close and the desire to baby him……
He is eating fairly well, yet, we know with his severe underbite, he has issues eating like other dogs and, so, the Vets are happy with knowing that he is eating and drinking per almost his normal.
A whole new journey has begun for him…..my poor wee elephant. All of the fear rehab that had been done, well, we will just keep going onward….
One baby step at a time…….when he is ready, we will be back out there visiting and doing play-dates again. Could have happened to any animal out there(this dog that attacked BHRR's Flint has killed cats in the past and grabbed and hurt other dogs), and, still feeling so fortunate and blessed that I have this amazing boy named BHRR's Flint still with us……one, replays in their mind over and over again, the 'what it's' and 'could I' and 'I should have' and, and, and, and….
At the end of the day, I have resolved to the best that I can within myself, that I took all precautionary methods as I normally do in visiting with my dogs to homes of our friends, family and approved Volunteers and, I did what I had to, to get this dog off BHRR's Flint. I have no regrets stepping in and would do so again, if need be to save a life.
The home of the dog continues to pay for BHRR's Flints bills and I am to continuing to *work* calmly and on educating properly re: their dog. By-law is involved.
May everyone have a wonderful rest of their night. Tell all your loved ones how much you care about them….it is important!