Today, BHRR is grateful and appreciative and humbled by SO much. I have a HUGE Gwennie Novel to post re: JUST how emotionally affected I have been by the generous natures, and, beautiful hearts of quite a few to BHRR………..

Yet, this post is one that I am making is to express my thanks FOR another reason, to all the powers that may be that our dear BHRR's Flint is still with us….

I feel very blessed….

Late this afternoon, when we stopped to visit some extremely lovely folks with some of the dogs(we brought the Bluez boyz – my own two Multi CH. GD's, BHRR's Flint and BHRR's Groves) to also visit. Very commonplace for here to take dogs wherever we go.

When we were parked, about 75 – 100 m from the home, we began to take the dogs out of the truck.

As I turned to bring out Mushmouse(my Tain), I caught a glimpse of a dog making a very fast beeline for us. I did NOT like the body language at all.

I turned and as, I called out for help, the dog grabbed BHRR's Flint, had him pinned and was choking him. Not shaking, not making one sound – no growls, no snarls, not a peep. The dog was a big boy, and, in a different setting, I would have admired his beautiful coat, a mixed breed stunning dog. Yet, not this evening.

Tain cowered in the back of the truck, Bronson was going back and forth very concerned and BHRR's Groves planted himself squarely between my feet and sat and shook.

Our friends came running towards us, got the rest of the dogs out of the way while(and, I am sorry for the words I am about to utter yet, I had to get this dog off BHRR's Flint…I would never harm anything if I could avoid it…. ), I began using what physical force I could. The dog did not have a collar on and, I kicked and I punched and I yanked. I was like a fly on the back of a horse…..

So, I made the decision that I had to get my hands in this dog's mouth to get it off BHRR's Flint. He was crushing his throat and BHRR's Flint was going limp….

Then, I had to wait…I knew it was coming…I knew that at some point, the dog was going to release to shift to get a better grab on my wee man and as I felt it happening, I shoved my hands further between BHRR's Flint and the teeth of this dog.

When, this happened, and, I knew it was going to, the dog re-directed towards me and I put myself then between BHRR's Flint and the dog, standing almost over my poor boy, now laying limp and feeling helpless, as I could not yet, begin to check him out.

As the dog moved in, a neighbour to the home, we were visiting, had a shovel and shook it over his head and yelled and hollared and with that combined with our friends also making noises and becoming a bit of a 'mob', the dog took off.

I just sunk to my knees and was very careful in assessing BHRR's Flint….he was so white…not just a bit pale, white. Shock for sure and I had no idea what other, especially internal injuries he may have sustained.

He was breathing, he only had some very small punctures, not tears – the dog was crushing him to death…..yet, what was going on inside of him?

We carefully lifted him into the truck and covered him up, put up the heat and drove to the emergency….

My boy spent quite a few hours under observation, after being examined, poked, prodding, put on fluids, had blood drawn, x-rayed and though, he does have some trauma to his neck plus neck, a ruptured saliva gland, BUT, he is going to ok. Until, I heard those words, the world felt very surreal… just work and move on auto pilot in motion….

His colour is almost normal now, he is alert(understandably not his fast usual becoming perky self) and he is going to be OK! He is going to be OK! Yup! You can believe the tears that welled up…and overflowed…..without shame…..or worry or are that anyone was looking.

I am now in dealings with the O. of the dog that was at large….apparently, a 'problem' in the area and trying to educate and not just point fingers and blame…..

They are finally going to be taking care of BHRR's Flint's bills….as they should in my opinion.

For me, I was given a miracle late this afternoon…..and, I am feeling blessed….BHRR's Flint is still with us….

I always check before letting dogs out that everything is ok…this dog moved fast…never saw the dog before(it lives several blocks over from where I was visiting) and this is my last post of tonight, for, I am now going to go snuggle with BHRR's Flint and all the dogs here and tell them that they are all ok and safe….

Please hug your loved ones…..precious life can be snatched away from you in a blink of an eye.