Yet, this time, 'I' have not been the object or subject of her disapproval!! Or, so, I am thinking!!

This time, here, I think I finally have been 'accepted' in all my glory of faults (HQD thinks I have many it seems…..)…..or maybe, she is just taking some pity on me……hmmmmmm…..regardless, I am going to take it and embrace it! OR, so, I think?!!! LOL

I have been quite ill stating on Saturday, and, with one trip to the Hospital behind me; today, has become a flat out bed day and as I lay here with book unread in one hand, unable to rest yet, feeling exhausted, eyes red plus blurry and nose running, sinuses blocked and sounding like a gaggle of geese honking when I cough, chest rattling when I breathe…..HQD strides right into the bedroom as ONLY HQD can do and….and….wait for it!!!

Guess what she has in her mouth and trailing behind her???

One of 'her' Rupert Wraps – well, it belonged to another once yet, she has laid claim to all that she could….

She had the look of 'determination' her face, walks right up to me and begins to nose the wrap under my hand….

I think 'oh, how lovely….she wants me to have it as she sees I am not well. This is so sweet and on and on, I blather and thank her and….here it comes…

HQD sits down and I get that look…my brain is now thinking….uh oh….what am I missing?!!! Clearly, it is NOT my comfort HQD is concerned about….

Then HQD begins that sighing of hers….and my foggy meds filled brain is chugging along trying to piece what she wants together…

Then, I take a good look at the Rupert Wrap….a really good look…..the light bulb begins to brighten in my brain….

I look over at HQD and say 'Oh! I get it!! You want ME to WASH it!' For, in looking at the wrap, it has a very long nasty drool streak on it, most likely courtesy of one of The Lion Kings and clearly this does not impress HQD one bit!! Drool has grass and diet mixed in for added 'texture'.

In her mind, I am home, the wrap has drool on it and it must be cleaned right this instant! I mean, what better time than the present, right?!!

So, for those that know HQD, you do NOT just passively ignore her….I drag myself out of bed and stumble to the washer and behind me is HQD every step of the way pulling her dog bed behind her and I then pick that up for I know what is coming and we head to the washer….she does not do stairs well, so, it is outside, down the hill, around the house and in the walk-in basement and to the washer….wheezing and huffing and puffing I am.

I put the wrap in the washer, get HQD all tucked in her bed by the washer – for, she does not leave them alone when they are being cleaned – and ask if she is happy now….

AND, her response??? – I get a snort and she turns her back to me and lays down…and, promptly falls asleep…tiring work for sure it is to teach 'The Gwennie'!!

Yup!! She is filled with thanks and gratitude and appreciation for sure!!

Oh! BHRR's Salma….let me count the ways I wuv you!!

All can be assured that HQD's bootcamp is going strong….I am clearly not ready to graduate according to her….

Time for another cup of mint tea after all that!!