BHRR's Dobie Doll of Bambi Baby Reese(our blind, hearing impaired and neuro baby) is at KAH today and we have not yet broke the 30 lb mark! She weighed in at 25.74 pounds!!! ALL legs!

Thank you to Auntie Caren for coming out and giving her some lovin' and thank you for the compliments on HOW far this miraculous wee angel has come since she arrived into my care on July 13th, 2013.

She is a HUGE hit at KAH and was swarmed by all! LOVED all the comments on how beautiful she is and how much progress she has made!!! It makes my heart feel so warm for Reese!!!

We did nails and bloodwork(NOT something that could have been even attempted when she first arrived without sedation!!) and she was a rockstar and even took a treat afterwards!

She will have her rabies and in a few weeks, she will be spayed and my intent is to place this very inspirational girl up for adoption once she tells me she is ready AND even, if her right matched forever loving home never comes along, SHE is living a great quality filled life at BHRR!

She is fully integrated AND all the dogs, even BHRR's Dozer plus BHRR's Cancun(the big scaredy cats of wee dogs) watch out for her!

They are her eyes and her guidance and it does bring tears to my own eyes with how they all work together to show her the ropes!

This wee girl is FEARLESS FOR we have never once treated as if she was not capable of doing things and she has been treated as NORMAL and she is! NOTHING that she will not try or do, as long as she trusts…..