So, BHRR's Zara-Bean, could use your positive words of encouragement to help her along her path and journey of bravery….
She really has DONE so well in her journey to date yet, her history and background is a hard one for her to move away from.
This sweet affectionate to those she trusts and knows, NEOx pup, was neglected and manhandled and when she was brought to the shelter, a pole was used and her already fearful nerves of collars and leashes, was just magnified.
She has allowed me to put a collar on her here and there and with a calm and passive ignoring approach, I can put a leash on her and she will trust me enough to follow me without panicking.
AND, we have been working so much and well since her arrival to BHRR on June 22nd with her severe anxiety and worries over anything around her neck. AND car rides, well, combine that with collar, leash and the car….sigh….my poor wee bean….
So, we have been building up the good experiences and working towards that big trip to the Vet and today, was suppose to be the day…so, we can get one step closer on getting those eyes addressed(now, that I have the eye infections under control) and she and I had a really sad moment of getting her collar on last night and then the treats, made things so much better and she was so happy and proud of herself that she conquered the nightmare of that 'beast' called a collar and the leash was almost a walk in the park and we ended everything on another really high positive note by taking a short walk out to the car and around it and opened up the doors, took treats from the seats and she almost followed me quite relaxed in as I climbed into the back…..
So, today, up we get, and looking forward to a good experience for her and collar on, leash clipped, out the door, taking treats and through the gate, down the stairs and into the open car door she follows me and then BOOM! WHAT are the chances a tree branch breaks????!!!
She panics, pulls back, slips the martingale and runs back to the gate to the house(gate was left open) and she stands there panting and looking at me….
I assured her that all was ok, passively ignored, handed off treats to Sean and let her be……
Inside, I was sad for her and bummed….we were SOOOO close yet, it is not all steps forward some days and so, I have rescheduled her appointment for the 30th of August and we will keep having positive experiences and after talking to one of the Vets I work with, I will give her some meds to relax her prior to going into the car if needed……
YET, can all her fan club and friends please send her words of positive encouragement and when you see her next, assure her that she is one very brave wee girl!!!