UPDATE: Soooooooooo, BHRR's Promise is hanging out with me at KAH today and her new weight is………DRUMROLLLLL!

50.2 KGs(110.44 pounds!)….she has put on another 19.14 pounds!! WAHOOOO!!! WTG!!!

She is having her hwt today, fecal tested etc. and I want to have that tail rechecked with all those pretty much now healed abscesses and she had one broken joint top of her tail when she arrived.

I have a short video to post from today of her and will try to snag some updated photos too!

In another 7 pounds or so, I will be very pleased with her weight!!

On the slightly sad side, she had a set back in her emotional and behavoural rehab for she was scared – not intentionally – by someone at the Hospital and she went behind me in nervousness and did a small bit of fear growling…..YET, she was great with everyone else at KAH throughout the day and even at PV Stittsville. She was indifferent to the cat there and did not bother with any of the dogs. THE only other time she showed fear was when two kids came into the store. I just re-directed and she was great.

YET, the huge plus is that this gorgeous BBBBB that was once left alone 16 hours a day and screamed when anyone went near her or touched her, IS no longer that terrified girl…..

So, we will continue to forge forward one step at a time and continue with doing our visits through our BHRR Visitation/Play Date program and she will get there…..

Considering that I have only had her over a month, HUGE thumbs up to her!


VIDEO OF BHRR'sPromiseAugust192013


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People can donate to Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone under the account of 'Birch Haven Rescue' for 'Promise'. They will take Debit or Cash in person too!

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
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BHRR's Promise's PRETTY Angels  $60 donated to date & Bills $578.91
Vivian – Collar, Leash, Rupert Blanket & BHRR's JH Biscuits
Anna – $50
Nairn – $10

**IF I am forgetting any ANGELS, it is completely unintentional and please EMAIL me**

Thank you from my soul and beyond for any possible consideration to her care……even a $1 donation is super!! :)

BHRR's Promise(Back, ribs June 28th, 2013 DAY of arrival to BHRR) & BHRR's Promise August 19th, 2013
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BHRR's Promise(PV Stittsville August 19th, 2013 visiting) & @ KAH August 19th, 2013