What I received today:

“Hi Gwen,
Hope all well.
I have a sandy colored Wolfhound, male, unsterlized, 5 year old boy for rescue only.
He was brought in for euthanasia.  Owner says dog has severe allergies that they feel is seasonal (May-October).  Dog chewing his feet.  Cardiac good, tarter II all around good heath except skin and mainly feet.
The dog was apparently purchased from a breeder (unknown).
He gets along well with cats, dogs and people.
Breed the dog recently with someone in Ottawa.
Cannot sterilize and give cortisone at the same time.
He is a good boy and for this reason the shelter is seeking a rescue, and they were very specific about contacting you and only you. (You are loved it appears..:)).
If you are interested, please let me know.  Also, based on your experience:  Do we vaccinate this dog?  Do we sterilize?  The vet says that she cannot give cortisone and sterilize at the same time…
What is your advice for the above.
Please note:  the owner was very intent on not sharing breeder information nor was he giving any vet work up.  So basically we have to go by with what we have.
Please let me know if this boy interests you.  If so, what medically do you want done.  We do not want to further his discomfort and want to do what is best for him.


038 043
August 2013