On June 17th, 2013, I saw a post for a male Boxer in need….everything about the Boxer was solid and I thought 'someone needs to help him.' Within 18 minutes of the post, I made a post saying that BHRR would step up to assist if needed. Shortly, afterwards, a post was made that another group was looking for a foster spot for him yet, there was another terrified GD in need.

Some things are meant to be. *IF* I had not seen that post(I do not scope through FB often….yet, THINK of all my friends and family very much!), this GD was slated to be pts…

I was told that the information would be emailed my way and photos. Photo's are never hugely important to me for if there is a dog in need, we will help the next one regardless of age, colour, sex, breed etc. 🙂 If the dog has an injury or skin condition that would enable us to better be in a position to prepare to assist, then, we love photo's! 🙂

SOOOOOOOOO, as the person who made the thread post stated, a Boxer saved a Great Dane in need AND she is another BBBBB! 🙂

This is what came my way in an June 17th, @ 6:21 pm from one evaluator:
"2 yr old female dane. Brought in because no time. Left alone 16 hours/day! Nervous, uneasy with people. Uneasy, nervous with other dogs. Apparently was attacked by a pitbull in the past."

AND this was from another evaluator on her in the same email:

"Hi Gwen,
Here is the photo's of the GD female.  She is very nervous and obviously under socialized.  She is uneasy with other dogs and people as well.  She is afraid of everything and needs ALOT of TLC and work.  She by no means a dog that can be sent to a non breed rescue as she needs understanding, alot of time and effort.  This poor girl was left alone for 16 hour days and this would certainly explain her behaviour of being freaked out by anything not familiar.  Apparently she was attacked by another dog in her past, which may also contribute to her nervousness around other dogs.
She was tested to the best of the evaluators ability for food aggression which she ran away from when trying to retrieve the bowl.  Other attempts to evaluate to standard has not been completed because she simply screams in terror.  It is very difficult to give you the full picture.  We believe that when she calms down, gains trust only then will you be able to complete the evaluation with effectiveness.
This girl is a hot mess.   She is absolutely not a candidate for regular adoption. 
I do not mean to paint such a horrible picture of this girl, however I do believe that you need to know the whole picture before you consider X.  She is in a pathetic state, shut down, and terrified.
We could not say at this time if she is salvageable, but we do believe that her best chances are with a rescue that has the expertise to accommodate her, to give her the chance to blossom.  The ONLY rescue that we believe can accomplish this would be you.
However, being that this is a very difficult case, we understand fully if you cannot help.  I appreciate your input as always.
If you do wish to consider her for rehabilitation at Birch Haven, we will have her sterilized to try an off set added expenses.
Again I thank you for reading and am open to any input.
Best to you Gwen"

On Monday June 17th, @ 6:30 PM, this was my response:

"I WANT to help her….I so want to HELP her!

I would be so touched to be considered……..

Those eyes…..poor girl…she is so tormented….."

On Monday June 17th @ 6:34 PM, I received the following:

"Hi Gwen.
You are the only one we would consider.  We cannot send her anywhere else.
Thank you so very much Gwen.  It is of course a HUGE YES.
We can get her sterilized. 
Let me know.
And thank you once again Gwen."

Arrangements were made for June 28th, 2013 for her to come to BHRR. This gave the Shelter time to alter her.

I am calling her BHRR's Promise for while I go in with my eyes wide open, I am staying so very positive for her and saying that she is 'full of promise'. EVERY dog deserves a chance…..this is what my promise is to her in turn too…to give her everything I have and am to give her this opportunity for her own forever loving home! 🙂

BHRR's Promise