On June 18th, @ 9:22 PM, I received the following:
"Hi Gwen,
Well I dropped by the shelter tonight to visit with both your dogs.  Firstly, {Treasure} is HUGE.  Thin but boy is he tall.  Good disposition and was very good with me.
{Promise} is petite, very very thin.  She is timid but the good news is that she was in front of the cage and not in the back.  She did shake a lot when I knelt down to speak with her.  She would not make eye contact with me and I let her be as I could see that she was afraid. 
Both dogs are thin.  {Promise} more so than {Treasure}.  I know that they will be in great hands….in {Treasure} case..two hands.  The pictures do not do him justice.  He is absolutely breath taking and under your care he will be something of such splendid beauty.
Just thought I would give you an update.  I cannot wait for you to meet them."