BHRR's Jersey!
March 2nd, 2013 Wag Pet Shop
*photo compliments of Brittany Veinot

Many are NOT going to recognize this beauty….YET, she is the one that came to me crawling on her belly and would slink and shy away.

She is the one that brought me to absolute tears of joy when I saw her playing in a HUGE Breakthrough and blogged about it on November 15th, 2012…..

AND very few have met her to date – those that saw her back last August just mere days before I could bring her into BHRR, when the family came to see us per my invitation at the CJ 'DIRTY DAWG' Wash that BHRR was so humbled to have been chosen…..and very few since then for this girl was terrified…..just terrifed….and in very poor body condition.

Crowds and people just made her cower and we have respected her wishes during her rehab journey at BHRR and have given her opportunities yet, have never pushed….

My patience and time and consistency has paid off for I have FINALLY been able to get some photos of the dog that she now is….head up, standing tall and sooooooooooo incredibly gorgeous! INSIDE and OUT!

THIS was the one that I was not sure could ever be put back together as she was so broken into so many small painful pieces….

YET, she did it! SHE did it!! This stunning creature has a very special announcement to make of her very own….

She was a wee bit unsure at first about posting her announcement, yet, just look at her! IS she not one of the most BBBBB's you have laid eyes upon!

Sweetly confident and calm and sure of herself and sooooooo freakin' affectionate! She loves her rump rubs too! She loves toys and is lovingly social!!!

To say that I am proud of you BHRR's Jersey is an understatement…you humble me daily and this journey with you has been nothing short of miraculous and something I shall hold dear to my soul for my life……….

THANK you for coming back to the land of the living and LOVING life!

A GD that has beaten and overcome SOOOOOO much! She is one of my hero's!

BHRR's Jersey – March 2nd, 2013