What better way to begin a weekend at BHRR than with a BHRR's Salma story! 😉

As Sean was heading to bed – he is an early bird to rise and shine and then to bed – I look over to see sweet dear BHRR's Salma dragging that bed of hers determined as can be out her open crate through the main area and….LIGHT BULB moment again!

I knew where she was headed…well, ok…only so many choices in an open concept house! LOL

It was clear to us both that BHRR's Salma has decided that her 'den' shall not be an open crate any longer…..

For she was dragging her bed with special handmade quilt in tow all the way to the master bedroom…..

She has decided that who better to be Doctor and Nurse to her post surgery healing process than herself and she was saying "NO MORE CRATE".

Now, the hard part…finding just the right place that Her Queenship Divine would be happy and content with where her bed would be laid in our master bedroom! 😛

After about five minutes of moving the bed from this place to that place, with BHRR's Salma just sitting there – her look was just priceless – one of severe toleration for her 'mere' humans in capabilities to 'get' what was to her a very clear answer….

DO you know where she wanted her bed???….in her mind, HER bed with special blankie SHOULD be placed right on top of the king sized bed…..

Well, dear sweet BHRR's Salma, this is going to be fun and a long night for that ain't how it works here…. 😉 LOL

We are in a stand off right now……Sean is now fast sleeping in the rec room with BHRR's Potter and she and I are in a stalemate. LOVE it! 🙂

She is sitting with such a mutinous stubborn DOGO look on her face and the words that are coming out of her mouth…for shame! She is telling me off big time!!!

AND I am sitting on a stool in the master bedroom typing away on my laptop to all of you and doing the 'passively ignoring'……

Wanna take bids on who wins this one? 😉