BHRR's Zara transport is today.

Here is what the shelter manager sent my way prior to her transport:

"Gwen, thanks so much for helping this girl. She's a sweet dog and I think will come along well. We sent along a bit of food for a transition and some rope toys if you can use them. She has a martingale in with a microchip tag that is registered to her.

Her eyes have been bothering her the least few days. I sent some Tobrex ointment along – esp for her right eye. That one will definitely need a surgery.

She had tobrex before she started out this morning. No food given, peed and pooped so hopefully she will have a comfortable ride.

Send along any questions and thanks so much."

Transport special instructions given per the Shelter: Bailey is a very fearful pup.  For this reason, she will travel in a provided vari kennel measuring 36” in length x 27” in height and must remain crated for the entire transport.

HERE is what the transporter Pam had to say re: BHRR's Zara's transport and be there at BHRR when I got her out of the crate:

Here is what the last transporter(Pam) had to say after BHRR's Zara arrived to BHRR and I think posted to all involved today on her transport:

"It went well. It was amazing to watch him begin to trust Gwen. Beautiful to watch him allow Gwen to pet him. Definitely a magical moment ????"

*Minor technicality that BHRR's Zara is a 'she', not a 'he' in her post. 😉

She is just very scared, peed, pooped and puked in her crate that she was transported in and pooped in her crate here yet, is all cleaned up, we had a walk, more pets and she had has a drink of water and will wag her tail as I walk to her crate and talk to her. R/Q Rescue was her only and last option and she will require surgery on that one eye, the poor thing…nonstop blinking and running….

From another person, approved Volunteer Rachel that accompanied the transport to BHRR in a separate vehicle and was at out BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House that day:

It was great watching her do a 180 from the terrified pup, who needed tough love to get her out of the crate, to accepting gentle pets from Gwen with a little coaxing and quiet words.

She will blossom under BHRRs care for sure. Can't wait to see her progress.

When I left the open house today, I was certainly more than happy to take a couple companions home lol…one in particular, who became my constant shadow while at BHRR

More feedback re: this transport and BHRR's Zara, from Pamela:
"It went well.  It was amazing to watch him begin to trust Gwen.  Beautiful to watch him allow Gwen to pet him.  Definitely a magical moment ????"

Feedback from Sonyia on this transport:
"I had no doubt Zara is in the right place. I felt so bad for her…………so scared :-("