BHRR's Bobby had a GREAT BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' mini open house!!!  BIG hit with all those that attended!

One thing that came to light….the honeymoon period was ending AND, he is a true Giant Sch. Somehow, a high value item – smoked dino butchery bone – had been dropped on the floor and he had not qualms about not wanting to share it with one of the other dogs…NOT, that BHRR's Bloom wanted to share it…. 😉 SHE wanted it herself. He stood up for himself and I took the bone away from him – no issues at all – and that was the real first big moment of that he will not go to a home with a dominant male for as much as this boy is not super dominant, *should* the situation feel warranted in his mind, he will stand up for himself…not a bad thing per say, yet, not something, one wants to see a set-up for failure situation. He has always been submissive to the females and is not 'high' in the male order of things yet, he was prepared to lip curl and make some growling noises over this bone and share some words with her. YET, he will not stand up to even my Bunker Dude(1 year old IW who is as submissive as they come). Very interesting dynamics as always watching the dogs here. 🙂 So, The Dude will often try to take rope toys etc., away and we have to say 'No Dude!'.

He is great with all the dogs here, fully integrated – likes to hump my Multi CH. Show Boy 'big blue' Bronson(AND, Bronson has no issues letting him do it AND we make it stop….immediately!). He stops when you tell him yet, he still will hump at times.

He will more often than not, squat to pee, yet, every once in a while, he will 'show' off and lift that leg.

He is a really super laid back boy…..playful, affectionate and he has full run of the house when we are gone. 100% trustworthy. HE likes to mostly sleep by my side of the bed and LOVES to hog a/c vents! 😉

He shall have exciting news to share within the next month+.