BHRR's Treasure has been settling in well. He had a good first night and I am getting ready to sign off for his second night – it is now almost 3:00 AM on Friday – so, my second night….

AND, I still think as I said in the video that 'TROUBLE' may be a better name! LOL

He has been integrated with our Kingston, BHRR's Spice, BHRR's Bobby, my PPSS and BHRR's Jetta AND he LOVES BHRR's Jetta! She quite liked him too….even, if she played 'hard to get' in the beginning! They ran and played and zipped and zoomed!

AND, for those who think BHRR's Treasure is tall…BHRR's Jetta has the tall 'edge' on him by a few inches at the whithers with those model legs of hers :)…it is all relative I keep telling people when they think a Great Dane is tall or huge…or, any other Giant for that matter. 😀 He is a good sized boy and by the time he is done rehabbing, he should be taking some serious names with his charm and good looks FOR that is what he is already doing.

Their weights are very comparable right now. The difference is that BHRR's Jetta's weight is healthy, BHRR's Treasure is not yet there. He needs another 20 pounds for the age/body conformation he is right now. He is only one and still growing and going to fill out a lot more AND should put on my height.

He is a bull in a china shop. He has bluffed and huffed and I can see, even intimidated his way to get what he wants or to avoid doing what he wants. He pulls and yanks and just wants things his own way. Well……………welcome to Gwennie's Doggie Boot Camp….BHRR's Salma's too. 😉

AND, he does not want to share the water bowl and less dom dogs like BHRR's Bobby and BHRR's Jetta just let him do what he wants. We will be working on a good strong structure plus foundation for manners 101.

AND, when I corrected him for the bowl resourcing, he had something to say to me about it (GOT to love a GD that talks back…wait, don't almost all of them do??!!! LOL He just has to become more polite about his words and when to use those words and when not too!) and we had a conversation about that too. 😉 All positive based here and I have to earn his respect and trust and he mine. The journey has just begun….