One more reason to LOVE BHRR's Salma!!

She has completely taken BHRR's Bobby under her 'paw'….

She has and is going to accomplish ten times more in ten times less the time than myself.

She has even managed to get him to play… precious is that!

For him to be able to let all his own confusion and grief go for even a small period of time to just play; is all to a most wonderful MM DOGO named 'Salma'.

She lays near him and showed him where the water bowl was( no matter that I had already done that… …..and has been showing him where the fridge is for the treats and the window ledge where other treats are kept.

She will sit and look at me either in front of the fridge or in front of the section on the window ledge where those treats are and give me the 'Salma' stare!

LOL I 'get it Salma!!'

Welcome to BHRR Bobby!!