UPDATE: BHRR's Bobby is hanging out at KAH and having a really good day!

Auntie Margaret came by and was able to meet him, love on him and give him assurance that he will be ok. What a great auntie!!

He had a thorough exam – heart, lungs, eyes etc. got a thumbs up and talk about rocking his commands – very smart bilingual boy!!

He was microchipped, had a heartworm test and will begin heartworm preventative, I am doing a fecal and proactively de-worming him.

His weight was a slightly thin 36.6 kgs(80.52 pounds) and I would like to see him around 85-87. He will put it on!

Once he settles in more(he is already bonding well to me!), he will put on that weight.  His HWT and Fecal are both negative that we know of to date.

Everything has checked out wonderfully. He is 5.5 years of age and the Vet kept commenting how amazing he was in health and condition and with a bit more weight, he will be just that much better.

He can be wonderfully playful and I am getting glimpses into a really delightful personality!

AND here is a BobbyJune62013VIDEO!


BHRR's Bobby @ KAH on June 6th, 2013 – Very bilingual boy!