BHRR's Kaden's(saw this name on a movie watched the night before!) transport to BHRR was today.

Update: 11:32 AM:

"We have left Kitchener and are on the way to Toronto.
He takes a bit to transfer and is very nervous.

There were a couple of emails from two people as there was a storm approaching, and, I responded to all to say that the more normal people are, the better it is for all and that I strongly advise double leashing this boy between vehicle transports. I always advise my BHRR Volunteers to do that as is and not all of the amazing people that were helping on this transport had experience with Great Danes or in helping BHRR with a transfer.

Update: 12:37 PM:

"He is on his way from Weston Road.
Firm and confident with this boy – he is a softy and will warm up after a few minutes.
Doesn't like traffic so the quieter the transfer spot the better."

Update: 12:51 PM:
"Excellent. Thanks Gwen for the words I was looking for- the more normal the routine the better. Yep. He is a sponge right now picking up on our energies. I am so excited for him. J

Update: 1:55 PM:
"Safe transfer at port hope. He really is very sweet, just nervous. Very quiet in the car."

Update: 4:09 PM:

"Hi everyone, 

I have "Hobo" safely with me and we are on the way to Birch Haven.

Thanks and have a great weekend!!


Update: 5:10 PM:

"Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop. I had a little break down this morning. I will miss him but know he is going to the best place for him to make a new start. Became very attached to him and he really does fall in love if just given a chance to bond. Thanks for all the great people who are involved in helping this lovely boy.


Update: 5:17 PM:

"It certainly wasn't the easiest transport I've ever done, but only because he is so nervous of people.  Shifting such a large dog out of a vehicle when he doesn't want to go required a combination of cajoling, muscle power and bribery with large cookies.  A two person job for sure.  Underneath that fear there is a lovely boy.  I don't know much about Danes, but I doubt they are all as spooked as he is?  Makes me wonder what happened to him before rescue.  That makes me sad.  I know that he's on the road to a wonderful life.


My update sent at 10:11 PM:


On behalf of this sweet boy, now known as ‘BHRR’s Kaden’, I want to THANK each of you for ALL that you did for him!

A wonderful village came together today and I am so grateful for everyone’s assistance!!!!

He is settling in well, has had some supper, a good long pee and looking forward to getting to know him!!!

A special thank you to Danielle and Jacqueline for saving his life and for taking care of him SO well until transport can be arranged.

Cheryl, you make magic HAPPEN all the time with these transports!!!

I hope everyone has a most wonderful rest of their weekend!


Arrival to BHRR with approved BHRR Volunteer Rachel and on the lawn – you can see all of his ribs plus hip bones.