UPDATE: On our beloved 'hot mess' BHRR's Autumn!
She is at KAH today with me over last night and she has put on another 5.94 pounds!!!!
To some, and for those not familiar with her story, this may not seem like much yet, it is HUGE!!! Just HUGE!
She is now 116.16 pounds(52.8 kgs)!!
If I can get another 10 pounds on her, 15 preferably, we can schedule that first of two possible cruciate repairs!!
To all those that wanted us to 'give up' on her, that chastised us for spending the thousands we have on her to date – cardiac u/s, abdominal u/s, specialists, treatments for so many things including all my work determining her food allergies and now discovering her seasonal allergies – I can only say that the mandate of BHRR is to help the next in need.
AND that we focus on those special needs!
AND we will continue to be committed to BHRR's Autumn's welfare!!
It is not her fault that she was bred and bred and that both of her cruciates blew and we left untreated, that she was so neglected and abused that her body score was barely a 2/2.5…..
I could almost weep that finally, finally I am getting all of these puzzle pieces to fall into place to keep moving forward with her journey and for her to one day have a great forever adoptive home of her own!
GO BHRR's Autumn GO!! So happy to see this weight gain!!