Abbi had a fantastic day on Saturday. She went with some of our approved BHRR Volunteers for a playdate and I was so jealous! I learnt that she had a snooze in the sun in their yard with their other dog too! WISH I could have done that. From her playdate on Saturday, she came to me to B&F to pick up some items very kindly donated by Amanda for our upcoming BHRR Boat Cruise/Dinner/Auction Fundraiser being held on October 3rd and FROM there, we headed off to Conroy Pit for some training with her two DDB Sisters that were adopted. Abbi also made a complete liar out of me for she went into my car(she has come a long way with her comfort zone with cars again) plus our BHRR Volunteers Vehicle like no tomorrow(she was trying to get around them to get into theirs she was quite excited) and then in respect to her obedience with me at Conroy; she decided that after her first amazing recall; that she would rather be ‘free’….LOL Back on zee leash for you young lady! She had an incredible day and impressed all with her beauty, grace and leash manners. I am hoping for great things for Abbi in the future as more and more people see how amazing she truly is. Abbi also did so much better at the Animal Hospital. She only had one small drop of ‘sub’ pee and was quite loving to everyone. I think the patience, time, consistency and support has finally begun to pay off.