I arrived home close to midnight last night with ‘Jax’ and I have decided to make his ‘formal’ name Jaxson…it is so befitting of him! He is not deaf(as some have asked) and he is LUVBUG Heaven! He travelled really well with the Volunteer who pulled him from SWO and then his transition to another Volunteer went great in Scraborough and I met them in Kingston last night to bring him back to us. I noticed that he is presenting with nasal discharge and has had a few sneezes….sigh….so, I am proactively treating him for that. I had an appointment set for tomorrow night for Jax. I have also read his folder and the finding of ‘lateral shoulder possible mild fracture at cranial aspet of physis. non displaced-can’t rule out growth plate’ was read. There is quite a bit of information sent in the folder and I will add as I can. His Rabies plus DHPP are not due until February 4th of 2010. His HWT was negative. He was given a dose of Revolution on September 14th and in October, we will switch him over to Sentinel. The same day, he was de-wormed with Strongid T and we will do a de-worming with Panacur and I will bring a fecal sample in for his stools are diarrhea and very smelly(especially when he does it in your house!). On September 11th, he was given Bordetella Intra nasal. His birthday is listed as December 18th, 2008. I can confirm that while he is crate trained he is NOT housetrained. He has peed all over my dining room chair and has had three bouts of diarrhea in my home. He was also microchipped at the Shelter before he left. He travelled amazing(only once did he try to get into the front seat and that was most likely because he was hungry and I had his bag of food there from the Shelter) and has loved everyone and every animal that he has come into contact with. I have some pictures from one of our Volunteers with her two boyz and will post as I can. He also has been fully integrated with Tain, Parker, Abbi and Potter at our home. He is playful, gentle with taking treats and food, does not resource, listens quite well, leash manners are not bad etc. He did a few little cries when I put him into his crate last night yet settled down beautifully. He ate his supper last night(gave him only about 1/3 of his food) well yet today, he has not eaten much of his breakfast. He has been drinking well and is alert, active – despite that leg(the one pad on the back of his leg is raw….the poor thing) and so affectionate!!!! He was a little bit nervous last night in the dark when first meeting Sean, yet quickly warmed up and came into the house with curious puppy abandonment! Only a couple of times has he exhibited some handshyness and he is VERY VERY VERY people oriented. Right now, he is lying behind my chair. He does not seem to fully understand the ‘comforts’ of the Kuranda bed and nor the soft doggie beds and we will work on that! I think I am in agreement with the first Vet who believes that his left front leg should be removed. It is not known if this is from something his previous owners did or from getting caught up in something himself; but the paralysis is very apparent and the muscle wasting going on is clear to anyone’s eyes. He lets me hold that leg, examine it and touch it all over and is not in any obvious discomfort and he likes to use that leg(he moves it from the shoulder) to ‘paw’ or ‘hook’ you for some loving or to get your attention. He is quite adept at moving around without that leg and it is very much a hindrance to him the way it is right now. I am not sure if hydrotherapy or Physio is going to help in his situation. There is a pulse, the leg and foot is warm, good circulation is happening yet he cannot utilize it. He is painfully thin, not neutered and that tail is nonstop wagging! He really needs a new collar and his body needs a lot more muscle. The Vet records state that he is about 63 pounds and I would like to see him closer to 80-85 right now. We are going to begin a fundraiser for Jax called ‘Jaxson’s Journey’; whereby any funds sent our way for Jax will be used for his Vet care. That leg amputation alone is going to cost thousands. AND for BHRR, rescuing is about helping that next one in need and he is just as deserving of a great forever home plus life as any other dog in need. BHRR’s Potter seems to instinctively know that Jax cannot quite play the way he should be able to and has been just magnificent to watch him interact with Jax. Parker on the other hand with those big ol’ clubs, is working on the ‘just a baby’ and ‘gentle’ words again when using those paws of his. I will update his blog as I can. I cannot wait for those attending our upcoming BHRR Mini Open House to meet him. He head and jowls on this boy are very irrisitable in addition to his charm AND he is just going to steal you right to heaven this one!!!!