I brought Dana in with me last Tuesday to have her sutures removed and had the Vet recheck her foot and the Vet was incredibly impressed with how things have healed. YAY! I think those first 5 days after her amputation aged me 10 years! LOL Dana is a challenge that is for sure in keeping her quiet and calm. I still have to work really hard to ensure that she does not overdue it as she will be healing for some time yet. Despite having that toe removed, that pain of healing was so much better to her than that pain of her broken toe and she just wanted to go, go, GO! I then took her to do a home visit with me and though this couple had met her before; they were able to see Dana in all of her glory yet again and they loved her and vice versa! She was very respectful of their small dog who was not very happy about this ‘puppy’ intruder in his house yet both integrated really well and we are very pleased to have this new home onboard with BHRR in an official capacity now.