Here are two videos of BHRR's Freedom from back in April of his first out of BHRR social experience. He did great! Thanks to the amazing home that allowd us over! He did fabu with their kids(3 very young ones and their two Great Danes).



As with BHRR's Peanut, he shall require a home that is going to be patient, kind, understanding and lovingly consistent to help him continue along her amazing foundation path developed at BHRR.

He prefers to sleep in a crate still – we leave the door open AND he loves receiving BHRR's Journey Heart Biscuits as his treatie when he goes in. He likes to eat in his crate and still will go to the back when you lay the bowl down. Slow and easy is the way to go, so as to not terrify him.

Fast and flighty movements, especially from strangers still make him worried and nervous and he still has moments of 'hitting the ground' if someone goes at him straight on or has a raised voice or is carrying a bowl. These are going to be his 'lifetime labour of love' items that in the right home, he shall continue to just get better and better.

He is very bonded to me and MAN! Does he love his butt scratches! 🙂 He will ask me for love and affection and my heart melts every time.

He would do best in a quiet home, no kids, no cats.

BHRR's Freedom says that he is still shy/worried in new and strange surroundings yet in that right forever matched home, he just knows that se shall continue to become more comfortable and brave…..

He is like the cowardly lion on the Wizard of Oz that needs 'courage'……

He shall require a very patient, quiet, understanding and lovingly consistent home that will not rush him and will continue to build upon all the strong foundation he has had built up at BHRR; yet; he is ready to take the next step with others.

He is shy and yet; when you earn his trust and respect; he is so loving and affectionate and he is always watching me….just watching and I see the love in his eyes and the desire to want to give all of himself and he has come so far in his relaxing and the acceptance in him is incredible. This boy went through absolute hell and I shall never see him put in a home that will raise anything other than a finger in love and kindness to him.

Taking his collar still makes him slink down and you stay calm and passively ignore with a calming word.

He has a mischievous side FOR when I want him to come in from the yard and he is not yet ready, he likes to dance and prance around me! LOVE IT! 🙂

AND if he wants to come in and the door has a dog laying on the steps, he will make this soft whine as he is not brave enough to go over them and is no bulldozer that will go through them like some…uhmmmm…right BHRR's Bloom and BHRR's Dana? LOL

He is playful, loves rope toys and he will thrive in that right matched forever loving home. One that is not going to push him, yet; expose him slowly to continued wonderful things that life can give him.

He is only going to get better and better here at BHRR and we will work with the home that proves to be the right one for him for continued success!

Car rides are still a bit rough for him yet, better and better and the more he goes in and comes home, the better it gets. He tends to lay there but is relaxing more and more.

I am sure going to miss this boy. I had a HUGE connection to him from the first moment I laid eyes upon him at the Emergency Shelter. AND from all that people have told me, he looks up when he hears and smells me when I went to their area and when I left, I know I had to always give him a personal good-bye and he would then lay down. I remember one day having to leave him as two others were more urgent to take that day and I promised him that I would be taking him next and very soon……

I can still well up over how tragic all of these FREEDOM dogs were but my welling up is now full of smiles!!! 🙂

He has had some really good social outings with myself.

He cannot be rushed yet; the world shall be laid at your feet for that right matched forever loving home that is prepared to give him all that he needs and is more than deserving and worthy of!

Cameras very much make him scared YET; he allowed me to take the below two gems last night! 🙂

BHRR's Freedom – September 6th, 2012