While she came into BHRR with BHRR's Rose, we are not necessarily seeking a home to adopt them both. While it would be lovely and touching, we understand that it is hard for homes to adopt one dog, let alone two at a time AND we also support that this is not in the best interest of most homes and most dogs.

AND I honestly do not think being adopted together is in their overall best interest. Would not decine that right matched home yet; not necessary for both to go together at this time.

So, both have been trained plus rehabbed and worked with as a pair, in groups and as individuals for BHRR's Rose was standing up for and believing she had to take care of BHRR's Petal and they had to learn that they are the dogs and we are the leaders and we shall take care of them….WHICH was hard for them as no one had done so for them in the past….BHRR's Rose and BHRR's Petal are still very bonded yet; BHRR's Petal does not rely on BHRR's Rose to tell her if it is ok to do things or even to ask for permission or always allow BHRR's Rose to tell her what to do. Over time, both have really relaxed and began to be dogs….

They have both really bloomed and grown and their personalities have really begun to shine!

They both like to jump on me still and both are soooooooooooooo bonded to me and it is humbling to see how they look at me and trust me….

BHRR's Petal still has one eye that tends to run a bit off and on and the Vets have said that at this time, she is fine. I clean it when needed and she is sooooo good.,

They both ROCK on their recall! ON a dime!

Outside of BHRR is still a wee worrisome for them in the car and with leashes/collars BUT we are getting there. It scrares them to leave home yet; the more we go out and come back, the better they have become.They are actually beginning to enjoy the vehicles!

Both love running in the grass and playing chase with each other and talk about snugglers!!!!

BHRR's Petal still likes to sleep in a crate at night, door open and likes to eat in a crate. Like BHRR's Rose, she is not a great eater and the putting back on of the weight that was lost(after being putting on much needed weight after her coming to BHRR) from her spay has been a very long slow road. I like to see more weight on both of them….

BHRR's Petal will take treats from my hand, those BHRR's Journey Heart Biscuits are a HUGE hit!

As BHRR's Petal has developed into her own invidual dog, she has quite the happy go lucky spirit! BHRR's Rose is a wee bit more serious yet still a wee imp herself!

She can be adopted to a home that works ft, pt, from home, semi-retired, retired – any of those for she is a very versatile dog!

A quiet home without young children. You can tell kids did some bad things to these girls. They are still worried around my own two kids and their hearts and touches are full of love are winning them over.

Apparently, there were cats seized from where they were rescued from and they are both good with cats.

She needs a patience, loving, giving home. One that is not going to enable behavours that I have worked so hard to rehab. She is not to be coddled or hid away from the world that I have worked so hard to teach her can be loving and kind and special. She has been exposed to so many wonders – grass for one!!! OMG! They love the long grass! It is like watching my own kids when they were discovering all the fun that long grass can be – it tickles, you can hide and pounce on each other, you can play chase and hide and seek and roll in it and lay there looking up at the clouds AND even just have a snooze….so many delightful things!! My heart just catches watching their discoveries of all the joy to be had in truly living!!!

She shall only go to that right matched forever loving home and one that will not force her or bully her into things.

She is to be exposed to boundaries and opportunities and encouraged.

The journey these two lovelies have taken me on…..nothing short of breathtaking!

BHRR's Petal – August 2012