BHRR's Emmett came to work with me today and he weighed 19.4 KGs(42.68 pounds).

He was a HUGE hit the big ol' hunk!

We did presurgical bw in preparation for neutering, microchipped him and re-visited his heart, rectum and hot spot.

I also discussed how he drinks a lot and urinates a lot. I shall bring in a sample to be tested.

His heart was cleared as being normal, just as the second Vet that saw him prior to coming to BHRR.

His hot spot is great, his teeth, lungs all checked out lovely and the Vet was unable to locate the suture that had been put in place back in July. They felt that he most likely popped it as the medical notes from the other Hospital indicate that it should be exterior.

So, we shall monitor for diarrhea, tenesmus issues(he had a good normal poop today with minimal straining and no noted discomfort.) and also if the rectum does prolapse again.

If that is the case, we will have a surgical intervention. Per his Vet at KAH, it could happen again, it may not.. Just as what was in his paperwork. So, if he does not require surgery pre-adoption, any future adoptive home would need to be aware that this could be in his future.

He also was given a good ear cleaning. He was a very brave young man! 🙂

He showed all how well he sits and he was so social, happy and friendly.

We did take an initial look at his hind end and it is a bit hard to say how much is wonky puppy and how much may be something more serious and we shall re-visit that when he is older.

Thumbs up visit with Mr. Emmett!

I took a short video of him and BHRR's Cosette playing at BHRR today. CUTE!

His best friends are clearly Sir Bunker, Sir Bounce-A-Lots and BHRR's Cosette right now.