BHRR's Cosette weighed 41.1 KGs today(90.42 pounds). This means that she has put on 4.18 pounds since she has arrived and GOOD for her!

She needs a bit more yet getting there!

She had a HWT done and we microchipped her plus revisited her eye and checked further to determine if she had already been spayed.

Now, that she has been with us for a bit, she is definitely younger than 3. We are placing her between 18 m – 24 m of age.

Her teeth and personality/energy level etc. is all 'younger'. NOW, she could be three for we all know that there are some pretty spunky older dogs out there. My Ch. Dyce is almost 6.5 years of age and you would think he was half that age wit his energy level. 🙂

Yet, the Vet and I feel that she is younger than 3.

A recheck was done on her eye and the Vet determined that she has limited vision in that eye. Her lens is so small and it does not hold her back! There is no concern or worry that she has to have the eye removed, it is congenital and she motors along as if she had perfect vision. You would not even know there was something 'off' unless the light hit the eye in just the right light.

SO YAY! Any future adoptive home must realise that she is limited vision on that side and be mindful of such.

We were unable to conclude decisively that she was spayed – no incision, no feeling of underlying scar tissue and so, I have scheduled to bring her back in(SHE had a great day today and I am ended it on a great note!) to be lightly sedated adn we shall do an u/s. We are aware that this too, may not prove conclusive yet; we are going to try.

She also had her DAPP booster.

What a social wee princess she was! So, sweet and friendly and no issues with any people or other dogs.

We will be taking her on our next GD/Honourary GD Walk/Hike that is upcoming and to see where were are now at with any strange male dog woes. She has not had any more quirks since Pet Valu yet; we shall continue to evaluate/assess.

I took a short video of her playing with BHRR's Emmett today and shall post ASAP. 🙂

LOVE LOVE LOVE this dear dog!