Unfortunately, there was an ;omission made in KY, USA and though the HC was signed, the Rabies certificate was not and BHRR's Scarlett and three other dogs were not able to continue on the transport for today and have had to board for the week in Celina, Ohio.

Not an expense that we wanted to be taking on and one we have paid as we committed to assisting her.

So, she is now hunkered down in a boarding facility and I have already been in touch with the boarding facility; adter being advised by the transport co-ordinator of this error. Thank you to those involved like the transport co-ordinator that worked so fast to guarantee these four dogs had a place to go and the sending facilities were advised by the transport co-ordinator and centre to ensure that the proper and signed paperwork is to be sent to the boarding place for the transport to happen on Saturday.

So, ;they made it as far as Celina, Ohio before someone noticed that their papers were not in order.

I asked the boarding place to please give her a hug for me and they said they would. They said she was super sweet! 🙂

Rest easy this next week my dear one…..soon! Soon, we shall meet! 🙂