BHRR will not be bringing Willow into our program.

I have been contacted by someone that believes they know the Breeder that Willow is from. Not a 100% for sure yet a strong feeling. This is the second person in the last 10 days to mention to me that they ‘recognize’ this Dane. I have sent another email back to the current owner of Willow to confirm some things. Per any reputable/quality breeding program; the Breeder would want their dog back. Reputable/Quality Rescues work closely with many reputable/quality Breeders to ensure that dogs that should be going back to their Breeder do so. Reputable/Quality Breeders have in their contracts that any dog should be sent back to them if the home cannot keep the dog and/or that they are to be involved in the future placing of one of their dogs and want to agree as to where the dog is going. I have made the high recommendation that if this person does know who Willow’s Breeder is and they are reputable/quality, that they should be contacting them directly before considering to surrender Willow to Rescue.

I am posting three pictures of Willow sent to me from her current owner; Slides #1, #2 & #3. As we have decided that we are not doing a possible Great Dane adoption in September; we are going to be a full house once Willow arrives. We could most certainly use some more wonderful temp and perma-foster homes in our area.


I was contacted by someone that feels it would be in the best interest of a 1 year old, Harle female GD to surrender her to Rescue. They have had this Dane for 2 months(apparently, they got her from a home in Casselman, Ontario) and have learnt that she was always kept outside and believe she has S/A. Words written to me in respect to this female GD are: “She is a very good dog, wonderful with other dogs and super great with children. She suffers from separation anxiety and she is destroying our house. We have tried everything and she seems to find a way out of her caged area and baby gated area. Beside the fact that she is eating everything I am afraid she is going to get sick with all the items she is eating and we can not afford to fix her. We thought we were doing a good thing but unfortunately our family can not handle her any longer. I have spoke to a few dog trainers and our vet and unfortunately I can not afford the training it would take and I am not sure if I have the time with 2 small children as well and I believe she needs to be with a family with someone home during the day or back on a farm.” BHRR will commit to assist this GD; yet it cannot happen until the beginning of October. With a GD here for training, a possible pending GD adoption plus that we will be letting go of one of our own on September 18th, 2008; we just are not available to assist her anytime sooner. I have replied back to the owner and will update this Dane’s blog(with more details etc.) as we learn more.
UPDATE: I have learnt that Willow is spayed and from some pictures sent my way, she is actually a Merlequin, not a Harlequin. Her pictures remind me a bit of our BHRR’s Miss Gracie that was adopted almost a couple of years ago. I will be meeting her owner on Sunday October 4th in Kanata for the surrender.