I have been contacted by someone that believes they know the Breeder that Willow is from. Not a 100% for sure yet a strong feeling. This is the second person in the last 10 days to mention to me that they ‘recognize’ this Dane. I have sent another email back to the current owner of Willow to confirm some things. Per any reputable/quality breeding program; the Breeder would want their dog back. Reputable/Quality Rescues work closely with many reputable/quality Breeders to ensure that dogs that should be going back to their Breeder do so. Reputable/Quality Breeders have in their contracts that any dog should be sent back to them if the home cannot keep the dog and/or that they are to be involved in the future placing of one of their dogs and want to agree as to where the dog is going. I have made the high recommendation that if this person does know who Willow’s Breeder is and they are reputable/quality, that they should be contacting them directly before considering to surrender Willow to Rescue.