BHRR’s Everest
What an amazing puppy he is!
The best kind of failure as we say is a foster failure!
Still not convinced he is a Pyr/Maremma, especially with his coat type yet he is ? loved & shall be properly taken care of for life, and that is what is most important!
He has a ‘big’ cat sister, and a golden doggie sister as part of his forever-loving adoptive family.
We are so excited to see how his future develops, as his potential is immense.
Congratulations to all! 

I absolutely loved my visit tonight with BHRR’s Everest! 
He was born January 16th, 2023 & what a truly wonderful puppy. His fosters are doing a great job with him. 
Thank you to his amazing foster Dads for opening up their home to me tonight!
I also had a blast with their Golden Rayne & cat, Nala, who thinks she is a dog!

On Wednesday, May 24th, BHRR’s Everest was brought into EVC for an emergency.
While he had some loose stool over the previous couple of days – he was going through a food transition plus got into some packs of Forti Flora, he had a couple of small spit-ups on the Tuesday, yet by Wednesday, he had vomited several times, still had loose stool and was becoming fairly quiet.
He was still eating/drinking ok and playing, yet clearly not his usual self. He is a high energy pup.
This began to concern me, and in also being sent a picture of him, I had him booked for an appointment at EVC to be immediately seen.
He had an appointment on Friday, May 26th, for his final boosters, so this means that he had not yet received his last DHPP booster due to his age.
With Parvo being prevalent right now in the Ottawa area, I was worried about possible Parvo exposure, and the other option is a possible FB. Working in emergency medicine can make the mind go from zero to a hundred quite quickly.
However, as told to his wonderful foster dad, we would take it one step at a time, one breath at a time. 
I gave the Vet a heads-up that Mr. Everest was coming in shortly, and they also agreed that we should do a parvo test.
Mr. Everest’s parvo test was negative, he was placed on Metronidazole, given more de-wormer, and given Cerenia medication to help with his vomiting/nauseous, and so he has nothing serious – thank goodness – just another expensive vet visit to add to the total.
However, if we had not gotten him in, it would not have ended up well. We shall continue to go up and beyond for our dogs; they deserve nothing but the very best!
His weight was 21.4 kgs(47.08 pounds) at just under 4.5 months of age.
He is doing SO much better, and we have rescheduled his boosters; the next weigh-in for Nexgard Spectra for this Thursday, June 1st.
If all goes well, he should then be making a very special announcement!
AND I get to visit with him later tonight! Excited!

So, this wee ‘giant’ is ready to be fostered to adopt!

BHRR’s Everest
Great Pyr/Maremma
Born: January 16th, 2023

We will be booking his final boosters tomorrow for the end of May, and he will then be ready to be officially adopted.

AND we are excited to post that he is moving under a Foster to PENDING ADOPTION status as his foster home has completely fallen in love with him.

What is not to love & his foster home has been truly amazing with him!

We will update as we can!

This is Mr. Everest after having a bath. 


Mr. Everest was at the vet today and now weighs 19.8 kgs(43.56 pounds).
He is a Great PyrX born January 16th, 2023.
I am told he was a really good boy! He had a thorough exam, received a booster of Lepto, and began his Lyme vaccine protocol. He weighed 19.8 kgs(43.56 pounds) at 4 days shy of four months of age.
He is not due for his DHPP booster until the 24th. We will have that one done at the same time as his Lyme booster.
He was given another de-wormer and placed on flea/tick preventative. Next month he will also start hw preventative.
He is booked for a professional groom session on the 16th of June – May have to confirm that is correct by looking at my calendar! – and we will then also do professional photos.
From there, he shall be ready to make his own special announcement!
This is him with the large stuffie I gave to the foster home for him. 
Nothing like having a surrogate litter mate or mama to help one settle in!

AND Mr. Everest is now safe with his foster dad Damion!
Two very stressful transports today, yet, they are now completed.
Mr. Everest will be at the Vet on Friday, and Mr. Knox’s vet appointment will be booked for later this week.
These two are #2 & #3 that we have been able to bring into rescue in 2023.

Mr, Everest is still travelling great!
ETA was to be around 7 PM, yet the transport is running behind.

Mr. Everest is on his way!!

Said to be super affectionate, and hesitant about getting into cars which is understandable with all he has gone through in his short life, yet travelling like a champ! 
His transport includes 21 other animals, cats, kittens, and dogs plus a couple of puppies and so many caring volunteers giving of themselves in time plus gas to make this rescue transport successful.
He is scheduled for his Vet visit for vaccines, a thorough exam, re-check weight, to get more de-worming plus flea/tick/hw preventative on Friday.

A 3-month-old Great PyrX – said to be with Maremma
Born: January 16th, 2023

Weight as of April 25th, 14.8 kgs(32.56 pounds)

He was adopted out by the shelter and returned 3-4 days later, as the home was not prepared for a Giant Breed puppy!

He was initially bought off a Kijiji ad from a breeder, kept for three weeks, then dumped at the shelter. They did not have the time for a puppy.

He is a typical puppy that mouths, lacks manners, and, typical of his breed, has an intelligent, independent mind all of his own!

ETA: first weekend of May