On Wednesday, May 24th, BHRR’s Everest was brought into EVC for an emergency.
While he had some loose stool over the previous couple of days – he was going through a food transition plus got into some packs of Forti Flora, he had a couple of small spit-ups on the Tuesday, yet by Wednesday, he had vomited several times, still had loose stool and was becoming fairly quiet.
He was still eating/drinking ok and playing, yet clearly not his usual self. He is a high energy pup.
This began to concern me, and in also being sent a picture of him, I had him booked for an appointment at EVC to be immediately seen.
He had an appointment on Friday, May 26th, for his final boosters, so this means that he had not yet received his last DHPP booster due to his age.
With Parvo being prevalent right now in the Ottawa area, I was worried about possible Parvo exposure, and the other option is a possible FB. Working in emergency medicine can make the mind go from zero to a hundred quite quickly.
However, as told to his wonderful foster dad, we would take it one step at a time, one breath at a time. 
I gave the Vet a heads-up that Mr. Everest was coming in shortly, and they also agreed that we should do a parvo test.
Mr. Everest’s parvo test was negative, he was placed on Metronidazole, given more de-wormer, and given Cerenia medication to help with his vomiting/nauseous, and so he has nothing serious – thank goodness – just another expensive vet visit to add to the total.
However, if we had not gotten him in, it would not have ended up well. We shall continue to go up and beyond for our dogs; they deserve nothing but the very best!
His weight was 21.4 kgs(47.08 pounds) at just under 4.5 months of age.
He is doing SO much better, and we have rescheduled his boosters; the next weigh-in for Nexgard Spectra for this Thursday, June 1st.
If all goes well, he should then be making a very special announcement!
AND I get to visit with him later tonight! Excited!