I feel compelled to type another update so soon. I have deeply appreciated all the emails and calls of support over Mazda and it has been very touching the number of people that have been so willing to open up their home/hearts to such a wonderful Dane. Mazda is going to be ok and she will be adopted when we feel that the right home has come along…again. AND no one is more terrified than I of making a mistake. I also wish to acknowledge the ‘hate’ emails of the two that feel that once again; we, or more like myself have failed Mazda in this latest home selection and all I can say is that no one feels more sick to their stomach than I over her second failed adoption. I am only human and we have a very detailed and thorough adoption process and at some point, trust has to come into play and yes, Mazda is now back with us. We do the very best we can and I am the one that has to go to bed at night over all of this and no one is harder on me than myself over what has happened to Mazda. I am the one that sees her confusion, is dealing with her tail injury (of which today alone we put almost $400 into vet care) and I am the one that will beat myself up the most over feeling like once again, I have failed an animal in my authority. It is so easy for many to sit back and point fingers and make judgment calls and some days; Sean and I just feel that it is just not worth doing anymore with people breaching adoption contracts, people lying on applications, people not doing right by the animals they have adopted yet then we receive that call or email that an animal needs US and that it is believed that BHRR is the BEST place for them; and we pick ourselves back up and carry on……….at least for another day. We also see the animals that we have placed into the ‘right’ homes and know that this is what it is all about. Truly, if people feel they can do better than us; I will be the first person supporting them, not critiquing them from the comfort of my couch(gosh! I think I can count on my two hands in the last 8 years I have even had the time to sit on my leather couches!) without a clue of what it is like to be in these Rescue trenches every day. I invite people to look over the REALITY section and see what we deal with on a daily basis and I work almost 20+ hours almost each day, 7 days a week on top of everything else we are trying to balance in our lives to continue to do something we believe in. I will always be the first to admit that no Rescue is perfect and that every Reputable/Quality Rescue can be improved upon and remain open to any positive suggestions/feedback on how to improve our program. At this time, what Mazda needs is a sponsor or two to help us with Vet bills and her rehabing and I thank Deanna from my heart for sending us PayPal funds that will greatly assist Mazda. Mazda is on antibiotics at this time and has glued herself to Sean. Mazda spent last night with him sleeping in the recreation room and he will be doing the same until such time as she bounces back with her confidence, spark and level of security.