Mazda is available for adoption again. Words truly fail me to express how I feel at this time. Mazda developed a tail injury in the home she was placed in due to the natural propensity of Great Danes to have ‘happy tail’ and this is an injury that takes many weeks and training to heal properly. During Mazda’s home visit; I was very clear about her happy tail and how things should be handled & not through docking (we live in an open concept home and never had one issue with her tail & her tail is not even that long/happy compared to many Danes we have adopted out to similar set-up homes), that Mazda needed continued socialization and how important play dates with other dogs needed to be due to her age as she was living with an older dog. After 5+ weeks; the home that she was placed in does not feel that she can commit to what Mazda needs and she has come back to BHRR today and so we will begin the dedicated work in now getting her tail injury to heal (this can take 6-8 weeks if not longer of constant supervision and care) and to now; once again deal with her ‘bounce’ back to us over something that was not Mazda’s fault. I stressed how important all of this was for Mazda with this home throughout the whole adoption process) and could not be more full of emotion at this time over these events. BHRR has never had a ‘double’ bounce in their almost 12 years of placing animals and all I can think of is how awful this is for dear sweet Mazda. It is going to take a bit of time to work through Mazda’s obvious confusion and mental state over what has now happened to her twice. It was hard enough the first failed adoption for many people to understand that none of it was Mazda’s fault and now to have her come back yet again is just going to be just that much harder for her to find that home as many will not understand that it was never her fault. She has spent most of the night just glued to Sean and it is truly heartbreaking. This is why we try to get it right the first time round.