BHRR’s Emma’s fecal is negative yet that does not necessarily mean she is parasite free. She is being proactively dewormed as part of our normal preventative Vet Care management.

All her Wellness blood results came back normal! 🙂

The Vet and I discussed further the relaxin test results and that if her result was positive; it would mean that she was 22 days or further with gestation. So, *if* she is pregnant, at the time of the relaxin testing; she has to be less than 22 days pregnant – therefore, very early in her pregnancy.

We also went through her urine results – the culture & sensitivity will not be in until later next week; and she has a raging UTI. 🙁 We have gone through several dog beds plus tons of bedding for her so far since her arrival to BHRR.

As we want her to be a healthy girl when spaying; we are planning as posted; to spay her on the 29th of May.

The slight worry is that if we take the time between when she had her u/s, x-rays and relaxin testing – May 16th and when she is scheduled for her spay – May 29th; and if she *is* pregnant; that adds 13 more days to any gestation.

Now, we also know that she was picked up on May 4th and on May 5th; she was dropped off at the Shelter and if we went under the unlikely supposition that she got pregnant on the 4th; that is 12 days from the 4th to the 16th; so too early for relaxin testing to show a positive and from there we now add another 13 days – May 29th – her spay date – that makes 25 days gestation (May 4th to the 29th) and a repeat relaxin test would rule out for sure any pregnancy.

What we shall do is another u/s and x-rays that day of her spay yet; per what we have already posted; if she was not pregnant or in the early stages; she would be spayed.

She would not be spayed ( until later ) unless she was in an advanced state of pregnancy or if it was dangerous; compromising her own health.

All of this is to sum up; that based upon all her results and that we do need to give her body time to become more healthy ( allow the antibiotics to do their thing, determine if she is even on the right antibiotics, obtain better nutrition, see how the Fucithalmic works on the small irritation on that one eye due to the mild entropion etc.); she will be spayed May 29th.

A lot of serious thought processing and conversations and discussions has been had with no less than three Vets to make sure that what we are doing and when and how we are doing things is making sure that BHRR’s Emma is completely done right by.