BHRR's Adele came to KAH tonight with me and weighed 44.90 KGs(98.78 pounds)! This means that she has put on 37.78 pounds since her arrival to BHRR back in late 2011. She is looking MAGNIFICENT! Simply magnificent!!!

The Vet and some of my fellow colleagues made such wonderful remarks and compliments over her beautiful soft and healthy coat, muscled and toned body condition and accepting demeanor! WTG FREEDOM DANE BHRR's Adele!

It has been a long path of baby rehabilitation steps for BHRR's Adele and I could not be more proud of her!!!

She plays for over 4-5 hours each day in our fenced in of almost 2.5 acres and she will run, zip, zoom and romp with her daughters and dogs like FREEDOM DANE BHRR's Freedom. She likes her AM romps the most right now. She will play from around 8 AM to 11:30 AM each day and then come in for a nap and then likes to get back up and have a small stroll around 3;30 PM or so and then she will do an early evening romp for about 1/2 hour to an hour.

She is very receptive to me and her obedience has bombed along under a very kind, firm and structured full of routine and patient consistent positive reinforcement program at BHRR and her impeccable learned leash manners would put many other dogs in the world to shame. 😉 Amazing how a dog can become the best dog they can be when done right by!!!!

NO one would suspect from her current body condition plus stamina that this was once a very broken, shutdown, emaciated and terrifed Great Dane.

She has a journey still ahead of her and she is going to have a lifelong journey of great experiences in the right matched forever loving home that understands what she needs and accepts her for who she is and does not make her into something she is not and never shall be and does not become frustrated with her. She is not to be manhandled. We do not believe any dog should be manhandled in fact. We have spent many many many months working on her 'shutdown' condition and she is now thriving.

Here is a very short VIDEO of BHRR's Adele taken last night(it is very hard to photograph and videotape her as she is very camera shy) but you can get an idea of how AMAZING she is doing now!!! SHE looks uber fabu!!! 🙂

After 15 years of rescuing and rehabbing dogs from her lines from PAWS R US; we understand her very well and we continue to rehab her two daughters at BHRR.

Should all go well, BHRR's Adele could be moving to an adopted status on Saturday May 19th, 2012; and we will update as we can.