Dana is doing awesome! One spot on her tail continues to re-open and we are working on that but the other areas are healing well. Her HWT and Fecal came back negative and I just have to get a new weight on her for even in less than one week; she is looking so great! I have had to loosen her collar yet again and that is a huge YAY! I ended up not washing her today at all due to a couple of other emergencies and so, she is ‘spared’ until Thursday! LOL Even though she is still quite smelly, her coat already has a lot more shine to it and this is going to be one gorgeous gal once she is healthy! She measured just over 29″ at the whithers and when she is done growing she is going to have both height and weight behind her. AND even though she will be a sizeable gal; she is very feminine. She is like a baby deer testing our those gangly legs as she attempts to run and through all the clumsiness; she is ultra girly while she is doing it! Sean and I were commenting last night that already she is ‘lifting’ up off her flat feet and though she is still quite eastie westie; even her knees look better(one is better than the other). She has not had another ‘moment’ with food/treats or people and we continue to work with her so that she develops in the right direction. I have some more pictures to upload yet they will have to wait until another day but I will get them up! I also wish to report that Dana has a new talent….SNORING! OMG! OMG! She can put Lil Linus and Guinness to shame on that front(SHHHH! Do not tell her that she snores for she loves her ‘femininity’)! She continues to bond more and more with Soul and now she has added Tain to her small circle of learning how to ‘play’…or rather, Tain ensured that he was included in her little circle! LOL The pouting and carrying on he has done trying to get and keep her attention has been a absolute hoot to watch! Dana LOVES LOVES LOVES kids and we really monitor things to ensure that she does not try to resource over them. She has really taken to our daughter the most. Her jumping, though still there; is better and she no longer attempts to grab any food object in sight yet this is a behavour that we will be working on for quite some time. I hope to bring her back next week to have those ears and tail looked at more closely, obtain a new weight and I will also be microchipping her soon. Once she is healthy enough; we shall give her her rabies and she will be spayed. She is still very ‘strong’ in her play mouthing and I continue to bear the bruises of her signs of affection and attempts to play with me. “Gentle” is a common work in our training and she will ‘get’ there. She is very intelligent!!! In all the years that I have rescued and have owned dogs and Danes in particular; I have never encountered a Dane that has loved and been so affectionate to people like Dana has, especially a female GD. My own sweet GD Maggi would put most GDs to shame, especially the males with her affectionate manner yet Dana; is riding a close second; if not first on that front. She has picked up the words ‘come cuddle’ really fast and talk about recalling when you say those words! LOL She has known her name for quite a few days now and has taken to exploring the yard further and further along the fence line. She is not hand shy and does not flinch over sudden movements etc. In fact, she was even quite taken with our vacuum cleaner…..Every time, I write in Dana’s blog; I feel like I can write more and more of a ‘Gwennie’ Novel each time! 😛 THIS is one incredible gal and it truly does fill me with very strong emotions over her treatment before she was picked up on that rural road in that terrible cold snap we had awhile back. I have promised her as I do with every one of these precious animals that cross our doors; that they shall never want for comfort and security again.