New pic of BHRR’s Shiva added; #11. She is doing well, goober gal all the way right now! She has just been awesome with BHRR’s Dana and in fact, I think Shiva has her nose a wee bit out of joint as Dana is the ‘new gal’ on the block and getting lots of attention from the ‘boyz.’ 😛 Sean and I had to ‘look’ at their collars sometimes when Dana first arrived for they both are very pretty black GD’s and we are so used to calling out ‘Shiva’ when we see a ‘black blur of fur’! Yet, they have different ‘shades’ of black coats and Shiva also has less white AND once you get to know them, while very similar, they are their own very unique personalities of FUN! There truly has not been a dog that Shiva has not loved and she has been a real pleasure and a riot to have around! Her obedience just continues to develop/become stronger and there is never a dull moment with this sweet GD. Whether she is lying still or playing with her friends; her personality just radiates from her.