When Mudslide went to her new home on Saturday; Abbi took it quite hard. She is still a bit depressed and while Shiva is ‘helping’ her; she is very sad. It is a wee bit heartwrenching to see. 🙁 The first thing every AM is Abbi and Mudslide just zooming it up outside and Abbi has been looking and looking for her DBB sister. I am glad that Shiva is there for her and Hamilton The Newf has really stepped up to the plate and has been sleeping close to her. Abbi and Mudslide would almost always share the same Kuranda bed when sleeping or another one of the dog beds and this adoption has been very hard on her. People talk all the time about how bad it is for sisters in getting along etc. yet from personal and professional experience; with the proper training and personalities; having sisters is not a big deal. These three DBB’s were very close and while I knew that Abbi would find it a bit of an adjustment(just as she did with Jenni for those two were SUPER close); she is very much finding this adoption hard. The one thing that Abbi is defnitely loving is taking over Mudslide’s spot on our bed! LOL She slept there all last night; happy as a clam, that one! So, she has found some light in the dark clouds. She is just a really neat Great Dane and we still are in disbelief that she has not yet been adopted. Yet, as with all the animals; we wait patiently and her time will come and if not, that is ok too. She is so unique and precious and has been a great asset in our home!