I took Mazda with me last night when I was visiting Clients and I could not have been more proud of how she handled herself. She walked beautifully, had impeccable manners, listened wonderfully and really proved herself as being the amazing Dane we always said she was! She did have her massivie ‘happy’ tail syndrome and even before we got fully in the door; she cracked the tip and split it open. Once I got her home; I took a closer look at it and shaved off the hair and she managed to slice the tip down the middle. I have put her on antibiotics, cleaned it up yet as I am working on Wednesday; I am going to bring her in. It will also be a good time to recheck the ‘scar’ area and lump that she has on her tail from us healing her last tail injury when she came home to us from her failed adoption. I like to stay up on that area to be assured that nothing becomes more serious as tail injuries are just the worst to heal. She just wags her whole lower body when she is happy and gets that tail a rockin’. She really loved her visit and loved her short play sessions with their GD. I wish I had brought my camera for seeing Mazda all curled up on their Danes couch and then sitting with her butt on the ‘human’ couch was just a riot! I think that my Clients also really enjoyed having her visit; despite the bloodbath of her tail spraying. Everytime, I have her out and about; I just marvel at how far she has come and how amazing our journey has been and just what a special Dane she is. The other thing I want to do on Wednesday is get a current weight on her, my little ‘mac’ truck/tank. 😛 She had such a great time coming out with me last night and had a good snoring snooze with her head on my arm on the drive home. Just don’t tell Mazda that she can snore though…LOL We continue to remain patient that the home meant for her shall come along yet we continue to get inquiries from people who want her for the complete wrong reasons such as being cropped or that they want to replace a Dane they have now with her for she reminds them of their current Dane. We want Mazda loved for her and not any other dog out there. She deserves that and so much more. In the meantime, she continues to hold down the fort here and loves her time with her best buds Cherokee and KB/JB.