Jasper’s last day doing what he loves best…snoozing with brother Klondike; sitting outside basking in the warmth of the sun & lots of hugs/kisses from loved one’s….cannot forget the treats he has been lavished with today! ALL of your favourites including bananas. May your days now be free of pain and full of lots of mud, water to swim/dive in and stuffed lions plus towels to carry around! Cleaning off the vehicles in the wintertime shall never be the same without you bouncing around trying to catch the falling snow in your mouth and making those special sounds of yours always wanting more and more! YOU have been the only dog that has ever known the ‘blue ball’ from the ‘tennis ball’ from the stuffed ‘lion’ to the stuffed ‘bear’ etc. Our hearts are breaking and as has been said by many; the legacy you have created with your inspiration of the foundation of BHRR shall carry on in each successful rescue we shall do. 237 dogs are forever home because of you! We shall strive to make you proud of us as we have always been with you Jasper. A candle is lit in your incredible memory and in time; may we not feel like we are stumbling trying to find our way through life as you are no longer walking by us.