Lil Linus was neutered today and he is now home resting as comfortably as possible and feeling ‘right’ sorry for himself. 😉 He weighed 110+ pounds and eveything went well. We are now also working with a specialist as Lil Linus could possibly have a form of gigantism. I have only ever experienced one ‘dog’ gigantism situation and that was with an EM; a close relative of our own EM; who ended up passing away at only 18 months of age due to complications associated with gigantism. Tumours are just one cause of gigantism and we need to research and learn more about this and how it will impact the quality of Lil Linus’s life and adoption potential etc.; should, he in fact; have this condition. I personally do not find his height/weight out of the range for a healthy 6.5 month old GD yet he is very distinct with his looks and there is something ‘wrong’ with his bone growth as seen in his feet. As we learn more; we shall post more. Should it be decided that it is in Lil Linus’s best interest to not be adopted; he shall remain as a BHRR Haven Dog and continue in hogging my bed! Lil Linus has not slept in a crate for quite some time now and has finally figured out how to get on the bed(not consistent but he is doing it!) and sure likes to ‘spread’ himself out! LOL We feed Lil Linus in his crate as he is a quick eater and loves his food and has no qualms about finishing his food and then trying to sneak in food from any other dog’s bowls. He shows very little possessiveness over much these days(super high value item like a meaty bone can cause a growl or two yet he will take his treat to his crate and lie quietly with it) and I have seen him quite often chewing one end of a rope and BHRR’s Porridge chewing the other end. HE has remarkable patience with this 11 week old puppy and deserves an award FOR BHRR’s Porridge is a fiesty one!!!! He will happily share a spoonful of PB with the other dogs and I am very proud of this boy’s progress. He is now on yet another collar too! LOL I have been in touch with Amanda from The Panache Pooch about a special collar for him. Balloons always come to mind when I think of Lil Linus for he is now a very happy boy! He is still a little handshy here and there and sometimes will just ‘bolt’ from a room if a sudden motion is made; yet he is getting better. He does not mind the vacuum and after seeing PPSS being vaccumed; has enjoyed that himself! LOL He is still nervous of things like papertowel rolls etc. and I make a point of dropping one of the floor and also treats and getting him used to seeing them around and being held and walked with. Just a delightful boy this one and yes, I have new pics I MUST post! 😛 He is learning more and more signs daily.